20th BCC Open – Paypal

Thank you for visiting our PayPal payment page for the BCC Open. You can submit entry fees for one or more players with this form.

  • Please select the group and quantity for the players that are registered - if you are not the player you are paying for, please also add the player's name so we know who it is for. If there is more than one player, please specify name and group.

  • Price: ฿ 4,000.00 Quantity:

  • Price: ฿ 3,000.00 Quantity:

  • Price: ฿ 2,000.00 Quantity:

  • ฿ 0.00

  • If you are paying fees for a different player or more than one, please write player name(s) and specify if they are in the Open or Challenger Group.