Redshirts’ rally

Demonstrators bring their whole families

Some people are asking about the demonstrations in Bangkok and if they will affect the tournament. The answer is no, other than perhaps some traffic problems. The demonstrators are avowedly peaceful and democratic, and the targets of the demonstrations are government buildings and army compounds.

They are not visiting the airports or having anything to do with visitors to Thailand.

Sasin simul

Thailand Junior Chess Championships
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Sasin organised a fantastic event over the weekend with the Thailand Junior Chess Championships, followed by a spectacular double simul featuring the current Thailand Champion, Krisdayut Plengsap, and Croatian GM Dražen Sermek, who lives in Phuket. Each champion had to face not only 20 boards, but met in the middle to play each other at the same time.

While the GM had to face more challenging opponents, it was also tough for Krisdayut as it was his first simultaneous exhibition match, and he had to spend more time at each board and to complete the gruelling match.

Congratulations to the top-notch Sasin business school for their great organisation of the events.

Server problems

Sorry for the down time on the BCC website: after getting through the problems with our new server, we were hacked by some Turkish Islamic group that wishes to spread their message via other people’s websites. Hopefully it all settles down now.

Nigel Short returns to Bangkok

Nigel Short in another serious chess game
Some people wrongly accuse GM Nigel Short of taking the game too seriously…

GM Nigel Short has confirmed his participation in the 10th Thailand Open 2010, no doubt planning to avoid too many draws and get his name on the trophy this time. He will also have noted that, with the new format, the important games will be played at one per day, allowing more time for preparation and hangover recovery.

Henry wins the BCC Club Championship

Congratulations to Henry Calacday, who sealed his place at No. 1 with a fine victory with black over Kai. Kai started with his trademark b3 and Ba3, but after sacrificing (losing?) two pawns Henry had better development and a strong attack.

Will Henry’s rating go up so much that he will be ineligible for the Challenger Tournament in April?

Jon is second placed. Full results to follow.