21st BCC Open registration list

09/04. Online payments are now closed. All outstanding entry fees can be paid in cash on signing in at the tournament, latest by 12 noon on April 13.

01/04. 251 entries in the Open section and 96 in Challenger, with over 100 titled players. Updated with the latest FIDE ratings.

16/03. We are heading for a record entry to the 21st BCC Open, with 220 in the Open section and 91 in the Challenger, with new entries coming in every day. Bangkok Chess Club is really looking forward to welcoming many new players as well as our regulars to the 21st edition in Hua Hin.

14/03. Over 200 competitors in the Open section now, and 77 in the Challenger, in the latest update. For the players that wish to stay at the Sheraton, please make sure to make your reservations as soon as possible as the hotel is approaching capacity.

13/03. There are now over 250 chess enthusiasts registered to play in the BCC Open and Challenger. The two groups will be playing in adjacent high quality ballrooms, with plenty of space between boards and tables. There will be a snack bar with coffee, soft drinks and light meals available throughout the tournament, as well as free iced water. Please note that anti-cheating measures will be in effect, including a strict ban on all electronic devices in the playing halls. An analysis room will be available.

11/03. The Challenger is becoming a challenging tournament with 61 players up to nearly 2000 rating, and there are over 170 players including 18 GMs in the open section. Last few days before Early Bird closes.

09/03. We now have 214 players from 40 countries, with 75 titled players: 18 GMs, 17 IMs, 14 FMs, 4 WGMs, 9 WIMs, and 6 WFMs

07/03. More than 200 chess enthusiasts have registered for the 21st BCC Open & Challenger, with 72 titled players including 18 Grandmasters and 17 IMs. Don’t forget to register before the Early Bird registration ends on March 15.

05/03. Updated directly from the Chess-Results list, so the names are now in the FIDE format. Also ratings below 2000 have been adjusted upwards by FIDE, with the new rating floor of 1400.

02.03. If your name does not appear in the tables below, please check the complete list on chess-results.com: Open | Challenger

02.03. Registrations reach 172 players from 33 countries already!

29.2. We now have 158 registrations from 30 countries, including 64 titled players

28.2. Now 61 titled players, including 16 GMs and 14 IMs. Next week the registration lists will be available on chess-results.com

26.2. Quite a few registrations today, so another update done. Make sure to register before our March 15 early bird deadline, and also make hotel reservations as the tournament period takes place during Thailand’s biggest national holiday.

25.2. There are now 15 Grandmasters and 4 WGMs in a total of 118 players.

21.2. Registrations hit 100 players from 24 different countries and 43 titled players (including 11 GMs, 11 IMs, 10 FMs, 4 WGMs) – a great opportunity for title norms! List for the Challengers now included.

21st BCC Challenger