15th Bangkok Chess Club Open 2015

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By , November 11, 2014

BCCOpen2015-posterThe Bangkok Chess Club is pleased to announce that the 15th Bangkok Chess Club Open 2015 will be held at the Dusit Thani Pattaya, April 12-19. Three of our former champions are returning to try to reclaim their crowns, including Grandmaster Nigel Short who won Pokerstars Isle of Man with a staggering 2788 tournament performance rating.

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Over 100 players registered for the 15th BCC Open

By , January 14, 2015


With three months to go for BCC Open, already over 100 players from 30 different countries have registered, including 21 Grandmasters

BCC Championship 2015

By , December 21, 2014

The draw for places at the 2015 Bangkok Chess Club Championships was taken at the Queen Victoria, as follows:

Group A

1Paul Griffiths2201XXX101 ½9
2Eric Calacday18660XXX0010
3Poompong Wiwatanadate212011XXX ½0
4Ric Portugalera2198XXX101 ½
5Michael Culasing18720XXX00
6Jimson Bitoon2176XXX011
7Riste Menkinoski23601011XXX1
8Matthew Nunbhakdi19040 ½100XXX
9Loreshyl Cuizon2003 ½11010XXX
10Christopher Castellano22491 ½XXX

Group B

1Teerachote Prasitsoonthorn-XXX01110
2Bhon Bunnag16831XXX1 ½10
3Jericho Calacday-00XXX00000
4Krishi Pallab Chutia1589 ½1XXX0000
5Pricha Srivatanakul174301XXX11
6Manunthon Atikankhotchasee158111XXX1
7Rommel Posadas-1XXX10
8Chawit Mekarapiruk-01000XXX
9Manas Rao16150110XXX
10Peter Darby18511111XXX


1st Round1:102:93:84:75:6
2nd Round10:67:58:49:31:2
3rd Round2:103:14:95:86:7
4th Round10:78:69:51:42:3
5th Round3:104:25:16:97:8
6th Round10:89:71:62:53:4
7th Round4:105:36:27:18:9
8th Round10:91:82:73:64:5
9th Round5:106:47:38:29:1

Grandmaster Wang Hao to compete at the 15th BCC Open

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By , November 21, 2014

Wang_Hao_2Rated 2711 in the live chess ratings, China’s number four has joined the lineup at Bangkok Chess Club’s 15th international open tournament. The joint top seed will compete with fellow top hundred players, Francisco Vallejo Pons (2711) and Nigel Short (2661), in Pattaya this April.

Thailand Chess Team Championship 2014

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By , November 4, 2014

Team-Championship-2014Bangkapi Chess Club invite all chess player who interest to participate in Thailand Chess Team Championship 2014 between 6-10 December 2014 at Chalermprakeat Building 25 Floor, Sport Authority of Thailand.

1. Objective
1.1. For support chess in Thailand
1.2. For Chess Club in Thailand have activity together

2. Category
2.1. Open
2.2 .Youth

3. Qualification of Team
3.1. Eeach team must be member of TCA (Thailand Chess Association) or Member of FIDE
3.2. List of TCA member
3.2.1. Bangkok Chess Club
3.2.2. Chiangmai Sport Association (Board Game Section)
3.2.3. Samutprakarn Chess Club
3.2.4. Chonburi Chess Club
3.2.5. Konkan Chess Club
3.2.6. Bangapi Chess Club
3.2.7. Churalongkorn University Bridge and Chess Club
3.2.8. Thamasat University Chess Club
3.2.9. Shinawatra University Chess Club
3.2.10. Assumtion Association
3.2.11. Dindaeng Chess Club
3.2.12. Glodenking Club
3.2.13. Kasetsart University Chess Club
3.2.14. RBSC Chess Club section
3.2.15. Polo Chess Club section
3.2.16. KMIT
3.2.17. Thonburi Chess Club
3.3. Thai and Foreigner can participate.
3.4. Each club can sent 1-3 Team, for the first teamof TCA member no enter fee the second and third of TCA member have enter fee for 2,000 baht. For foreigner Team(FIDE member) $100
3.5. Each Team consist of 3 Open board with 1 reserve and 1 Woman board with 1 reserve.
3.6. Open board for board 1-3 and woman for board 4
3.7. For change player can set from last order (just like chess Olympiad)
3.8. Rating all Board 1-4 not over than 8,000 elo (STD, National rate, Rapid, Blitz on November 1 2014)
3.9. Appropriate dress

4. Schedule

6 Dec 20148.00-8.30Registration
9.30-13.30Round 1
15.00-19.00Round 2
7 Dec 20149.30-13.30Round 3
15.00-19.00Round 4
8 Dec 20149.30-13.30Round 5
15.00-19.00Round 6
9 Dec 20149.30-13.30Round 7
15.00-19.00Round 8
10 Dec 20149.30-13.30Round 9
15.00Awards and Closing ceremony

5. System and Time control
5.1. Swiss system 9 round
5.2. Each player has 90 minutes and increment 30 second permove since the first move.
5.3. Each player not appear in 60 minutes from start time in each round then consider loss by forfeit for that round.
5.4. Each player must record their game and his or her opponent.
5.5. Each player are prohibit any mobile phone or any electronic device in tournament area if any detect consider loss by forfeit for their team.
5.6. Decision of Arbiter consider final.
5.7. Organizer can change or add or deduct any rule without advance notice.

6. Prize money (in Baht)
6.1. Prize fund for Open section: 30,000-20,000-12,000
6.2. Prize fund group 2 : 10,000-5,000-3,000
6.3. Prize fund youth: 5,000
All prize with trophy and group 2 is depend on number of team participate.

7. Tie-break System
7.1. Head to Head
7.2. Game point
7.3. Buchholz
7.4. Sonnenborn-Berger

8. Tounament Arena
25 floor Chalermprakeat Building, Sport Authority of Thailand

This tournament is supported by TCA and organized by Bangapi Chess Club
For more information and registration, contact Mr. Surapol 086-066-6865

Harrow Inter-School Chess Tournament 2014

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By , October 13, 2014


The Harrow Inter-School Chess Tournament 2014, organised in cooperation with Jirapak Chess Academy, takes place on Saturday, 8th November. Categories: U7, U9, U11, U13, U16 and U19. Click the link here to register now (registration fee is 650 Baht) – first 200 players only! Contact Mrs. Jess Grimshaw for more details.


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