Myanmar International Open 2015

Organized by Myanmar Chess Federation
Generously funded by Kasparov Chess Foundation Asia-Pacific
1. Organization
This event is organized by Myanmar Chess Federation under the auspices of the Myanmar National Olympic Council.
2. Schedule
22nd November : Arrival of Players (After 1200 hour)
: Technical Meeting – 2000 hour (Absent players shall not be paired for Round 1)
23rd November : Opening Ceremony – 0900 hour
Round 1 – 0930 hour; Round 2 – 1600 hour
24th November : Round 3 – 0900 hour; Round 4 – 1530 hour
25th November : Round 5 – 0900 hour; Round 6 – 1530 hour
26th November : Round 7 – 0900 hour; Round 8 – 1530 hour
27th November : Round 9 – 0900 hour; Closing Ceremony – 1630 hour
28th November : Departure of Players (Before 1200 hour)
3. Time Control and Format
– 90 minutes for the whole game with 30 seconds increment for every move starting from the first move.
– Zero-Start shall be applied.
– Swiss System; FIDE-rated and titled; Swiss Manager shall be used for pairing.


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Assumption Association Open Chess Championships 2015

IA Panupand Vijjuprabha is organising an open chess tournament over 4 days in October at the Assumption Association. There is no charge for the tournament, but there is a 100 Baht fee to cover the costs for the FIDE rating. First prize is 10,000 Baht

Tournament Regulations

  1. This is a 7-Round Swiss System FIDE rated tournament open to players.
  2. No entry fee shall be collected. However, a FIDE Fee of Baht 100.00 per person will be charged per player.
  3. This is an Open Chess Tournament, as such, everyone can enter, foreigners included.
  4. Each player is accorded with a time control of 90 minutes plus 30 seconds per move, starting from move 1.
  5. Walkover time is 1 hour after the start of each round.
  6. Results will be sent to FIDE for rating calculations.
  7. Players must record the moves and hand over the score sheets to the Arbiters at the end of each round. In the case of draw, the player with white shall hand deliver the score sheets to the arbiters.
  8. No electronics equipment of any kind is allowed to be brought into the playing area. Players however may deposit their mobile phones/electronics equipment with the Arbiters at their own risks.
  9. Any player who misses any round of play without notifying the Chief Arbiter will not be paired in the following rounds, and may be considered to have withdrawn from the tournament, unless he/she notifies the Chief Arbiter at least 1 hour before the start of the next round (s).
  10. FIDE (World Chess Federation) rules and regulations shall apply.
  11. In case of dispute, the Chief Arbiter’s decision is final.
  12. The Organizer reserves the right to adjust the prize money and other prizes as well as other tournament regulations according to the circumstances and suitability.


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Gainsfield 1st International Rapid Chess Tournament

Gainsfield Chess 5th Anniversary presents Gainsfield 1st International Rapid Chess Tournament

November 28-29, 2015

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Gainsfield Chess & Language Center is celebrating its 5th Year anniversary and have scheduled an International Chess event as a part of the celebration. We are gladly inviting all chess players from all ages to participate in this exciting event where a lot of  categories of prizes will be given.

Below is the full information of the tournament schedule, rules and prizes. (more…)

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