Amonatov Clear Blitz Champion

GM Amonatov faces WFM Zhai Mo of China in the final of the Blitz Championship
GM Amonatov faces WGM Pham Le Thao Nguyen of Vietnam in the final of the Blitz Championship

The final of the annual Bangkok Chess Club Championship was held in our regular Tuesday night blitz venue, Roadhouse Barbecue, which is within walking distance of the Dusit Thani. We took over the entire floor for players and spectators, with a buffet to keep the energy levels up. Clear winner was GM Amonatov, with IM Nguyen Van Huy and Wan Yunguo only half a point behind.

GM Farrukh AmonatovTJK2604––1/2111111011111112.51
WFM Zhai MoCHN22621/2––01/1110001/2111107.56
Mohd N ShaikhIND211901––0110001/211/211077
Tommy IlmoniFIN211301/21––011/200001/21004.513
WGM Pham NguyenVIE23510001––11/2001100116.58
FM Erich FroschAUT228400000––00000011/201.515
GM Xiu DeshunCHN24920111/21/21––0011111095
Wan YunguoCHN24410111111––1111110123
IM Ngyuyen Doc HoaVIE245311111110––00110094
Ronald FroschAUT224101/21/2101001––0001/204.511
Jasper B. RomPHi22080001010011––11/2005.59
Tan WeilingSIN2267001/21/21100010––1/21/20510
Tristan A. CoxENG209600001000011/21/2––10414
GM Yrjo RantanenFIN2383000101/20011/211/20––04.511
IM Nguyen Van HuyVIE248501110111111111––122