Bangkok Chess Club Championship 2012

It’s more of a practice tournament really. Hundreds of blitz games is not ideal for a big international chess tournament!

This is an individual tournament and open to all players, and FIDE (International Chess Federation) rules and regulations shall apply.

Program23.12.11 – 21.02.12 A- and B-Finals

Players will be divided evenly to A and B finals according their ratings, with max. 10 players in each group. The winner of 2011 B-final will qualify directly to A-Final in 2012.

Time Control, Schedule, t/b: Each player is accorded with a time of 90 minutes plus 30 seconds per move. At least 1 round per week must be played in Arbiter controlled environment. Two signed score sheets must be returned to the Organizer. T/b will be used as follows: 1. Game between the players, 2. Sonneborn-Berger.

VenueGames can be played on Tuesdays at Roadhouse Bbq Restaurant or Fridays at Queen Victoria Pub & Restaurant, or during agreed Sundays at SIU Vibhavadi-Rangsit Campus Library.

Entrance Fee: The tournament fee for each player is Baht 500. Tournament fee can not be returned.

PrizesHalf of all entry fees will be included for the prize fund. The Winner of the final will get 50% of prize fund, 30% for the 2nd and 20% for the 3rd.

Ratings: All results will be sent for FIDE rating calculations, if at least 3 Fide rated players/group will participate. All games will be included for Thailand national chess ratings (telo).

Registrations: Registrations can be done during BCC club evenings. Registration is only complete after paying the entry fee, and submitting full name, birthday, email address and contact phone numbers to the organizer.

Organization: Chief Arbiter is IA Panupand Vijjuprabha and Assistant Arbiters K.Poompat Sivara and K.Bruce Bell. Tournament Director is Kai Tuorila.

1Eric Calacday1924XX
2Kai Tuorila2131XX
3Peter Darby1912XX
4Poompong Wiwatanadate2052XX
5Henry Calacday1989XX
6Ric Portugalera2177XX
7Noelito Parami1764XX
8Kamel Maouel1865XX
9Michael Culasing1840XX
1Ryan CalacdayXX
2Jeremy FugalXX
3Akshaj BalasubramanianXX
4Nathan Hall1651XX
5Taksh Shah1536XX
6Pricha Srivatanakul1746XX
7Worawong PattanawongXX
8Etash ShahXX
9Prakarn KlubwongXX
10William Campi1769XX