Deniel Causo clear winner of the 2nd BCC Checkmate Rapid Open


Congratulations to Deniel Causo of the Philippines, winner of the 2nd rapid tournament at Checkmate in Asiatique Riverside Bangkok, with a rating performance of 2369. Jasper Rom’s unbeaten run also earned a performance rating over 2300. Top 10 placings were:

  1. Deniel Causo 6/7
  2. Ryan Dungca 5½
  3. Ralf Steinbrecht 5
  4. Jimson Bitoon 5
  5. Jasper Rom 5
  6. Peter Darby 4½
  7. Ric Portugalera 4½
  8. GM Gerhard Schebler 4½
  9. Sant Pongkiettisak 4½
  10. Paul Griffiths 4

Congratulations to Matthew Nunbhakdi, best junior despite only playing 4 rounds (all wins), and WCM Worasuda Atthaworadej, best lady.

Checkmate is an excellent chess-themed restaurant set in the very popular Asiatique Riverside redevelopment of Beer Chang’s dockland warehousing. This tournament looks set to become a regular feature of Bangkok’s chess calendar.

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