Digital chess clocks in Thailand

DGT – available now in Thailand

DGT 2010, the official chess clock of the world chess federation FIDE, is available now in Thailand from our partner, PK Snowbird.

The DGT 2010 was introduced in 2007 and received the status of “Official FIDE chess clock” in June 2008 after tests by four top-level arbiters concluded that the clock is in full accordance with all FIDE rules and regulations.

10101 DGT 2010

The FIDE-approved DGT chess clock
The FIDE-approved DGT chess clock

The DGT 2010 is the successor of the DGT 2000, which was the best selling digital chess clock ever with over 250.000 clocks sold world wide. The new model 2010 is improved on many points.

  • Larger display, with more information for player and arbiter e.g. visible timing system, black-white indicator and a big “flag”.
  • New and improved lever system.
  • Optional buzzer function.
  • More timing options, including the latest timing systems used in top level tournaments.
  • Easier to program in manual set with the new “-1” one-step-back button. See the video instruction.
  • High energy efficiency. Runs more than five years on 2 AA alkaline batteries. Batteries included.

The DGT 2010 is suitable for use with many games e.g. it has Japanese and Canadian Byo-yomi settings for Go.

Contact PK Snowbird for more details.

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  1. Can you make us an offer for 25 or 50 pc for our Chess Club Anderlecht in Belgium

    Walter Tonoli

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