Friday night

With the MRT closing down at 5pm, early closing of the BTS too, and a very uncertain time as tensions rise in the Ratchaprasong area, it would seem the best advice is to stay at home tonight (14 May). Neither Kai nor myself (Peter) will be at the chess club tonight.

Keep safe!

3 thoughts to “Friday night”

  1. Hi Friends in Thailand,

    Whats up in BKK, sounds not like they normal peacfull Thai people I know, most likly I left in right time.

    Hope that this problems with Goverment, well if we can call them Goverment as the never was elected, and that Demonstrant or Terrorosts is soon over, important now is that it get peacfull and stabel again.

    Cheers from Austria,


    1. Hey Martin, long time no see…
      Yes, the situation is getting worse – guests at the Dusit Thani have had to take cover in the basement – but it is OK if you stay away from the trouble spots. You know Thailand… this will all blow over sooner or later.
      You’re based in Austria now?

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