Gainsfield 1st International Rapid Chess Tournament

Gainsfield Chess 5th Anniversary presents Gainsfield 1st International Rapid Chess Tournament

November 28-29, 2015

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Gainsfield Chess & Language Center is celebrating its 5th Year anniversary and have scheduled an International Chess event as a part of the celebration. We are gladly inviting all chess players from all ages to participate in this exciting event where a lot of  categories of prizes will be given.

Below is the full information of the tournament schedule, rules and prizes.


  • Venue: 25th floor Sports Authority Building, 286 Ramkamheang Road, Huamark, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240.
  • Date: 28-29 November 2015
  • Time: 09:00 – 19:00 hrs

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Players playing in age categories should be at that age or below in that date of the tournament 28th November 2015. Ex. A player who is at the age of 9 years old in the day of the tournament can play in under 10 but not in under 8 category, or a player who is 8 years old in the day the tournament start will play in the under 8 category.

Tournament System and Time Control

  • A 9 round Swiss system shall be used in this tournament
  • Each player has 25 minutes to complete the game.
  • Players with out on his table assignment before in each starting of the round will be defaulted his game in that round.
  • Recording of games is not compulsory.
  • FIDE chess rule shall be applied..
  • Arbiter’s decision are final.


Cash prizes & trophies

  • Open Champion: 5,000 Baht plus trophy
  • Open 2nd place: 3,000 Baht plus trophy
  • Open 3rd place: 2,000 baht plus trophy
  • Under 1900: 2,000 Baht plus trophy

There will be separate awards for each age group in rated and unrated like

  • Each category shall receive 1st place trophy, 2nd place trophy and 3rd place trophy.
  • Under 7 years old will get 3 trophies
  • Under 8 will get 3 trophies
  • Under 10 will get 3 trophies
  • Under 12 will get 3 trophies
  • Under 14 will get 3 trophies
  • Top girl in all categories and top junior in Open rated and Open un-rated will be given1 trophy each.
  • Certificates of participation will be given upon request in the registration form

Tie Breaks

  1. Direct Encounter
  2. Buchholz
  3. Median Buchholz1
  4. Median Buchholz2
  5. Sonneborn-berger
  6. Blitz Playoff (5 minutes, 2 games)

Registration Fee

  • Open Rated:  1,000 Baht / 1,500
  • Kiddies rated: 800 Baht / 1,200
  • Kiddies unrated: 600 Baht / 1,000

For further inquiries you may reach us by sending an inquiry in our contact page or call us @ +66 85 048 2634