Thailand Open day 2

Local favourate FM Wisuwat challenges GM Short

More upsets, but not on the top two boards. Leading the field after 4 rounds are GM Nigel Short, GM Sune Berg Hansen and IM Sunil Mokal Prathamesh, all on maximum points, closely followed by IM Jayaram Ashwin, IM Atanu Lahiri and WGM Mohota Nisha on 3.5/4. That will have to end tomorrow as the two top boards face each other (Short has white) – that should be a memorable game as it has got to be too soon for insipid handshakes after 6 moves. Crosstables and pairings at

FM Wisuwat Teerapabpaisit leads the field of local players with 3/4.

The Challenger group kicked off today with two games. Results and board pairings can be found at