Democrats face dissolution

Abhisit Vejjajiva, Eton educated PM of Thailand, about to expel his breakfast

The Election Commission on Monday decided by a vote of 4-1 to recommend the dissolution of the ruling Democrat Party for receiving an illegal 258 million baht donation and the alleged misuse of a 29 million baht political development fund provided by the EC. Democrat Party executives, including Prime Minister Abhisit, could be banned from politics for five years if the Constitution Court upholds the Election Commission’s  finding.

If this is upheld then presumably the Redshirts have achieved their objective, and they can all go home. And at this rate there will be nobody left to run a government as all current politicians will be under a 5-year ban.

Anyone want to run for office?

6 thoughts to “Democrats face dissolution”

  1. Peter:

    Actually, in this case, the 5-year ban (in case the DA decides to proceed AND the Court rules likewise) is NOT applicable to all the Party’s directors.

    This case is DIFFERENT from the previous case of TRT –which was a fraudulent action DURING the General Election.

    P.S. yes, the situation has cooled down a little… BUT >>>> Beware of this Weekend & early next week (Apr. 17-21)!!! (no kidding)

    PPS. Next 2 months (til June) will be TOTAL MESS !!! Red-shirts (ie. Thaksin) must go all-out to force dissolution of Parliament by June, to ensure they can be back in power by OCTOBER 2010

  2. of course I should qualify my last comment….most
    politicians are corrupt! (even in the UK with all their expences scandals.) probably of the tens of thousands of the worlds politicians…the honest ones could be counted on the fingers of your hand…Nelson Mandela….(can’t think of a single one in the UK lol) others?

  3. Let it be known that PM Abhisit never has his breakfast! Maybe this is his secret recipe for keeping his forever-young face…

    Well, the matter has yet to be decided by the DA. If he disagrees, it will be passed onto the joint committee between the DA Office and the Election Committee. And if the result stands, it will then be judged by the Constitutional Court. The first two proceedings will end within 30-60 days. But, for the Court, it may take longer than that, possibly a year or so. Definitely, this is a set-back for the Democrat-led Government. If you ask me, the Democrat could get away with the first one, but not the second accusation.

    But, yes, this is a victory for the Red Shirts. And they now seem to be too happy to cause any more troubles. I strongly believe there will be no incidents of any kind during Songkran Holidays. Traffic flows smoothly. BTS is operational. Happy tournament everyone!

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