Until further notice…

UDATE: We are restarting the club from Friday November 5th, starting at the earlier time of 6:30pm

Looking forward to seeing everyone again.

COVID restrictions prevent the club from operating for the time being. We will post updates here when things change.

We look for to seeing you all then.

Entry Fees

For those who have already paid entry fees for the 20th BCC Open, you have a choice to transfer the fee to the rescheduled tournament or to the 21st BCC Open, or to claim a full refund.

If you would like to transfer to a later tournament, no need to do anything now, we will keep a record of it, and you can mention you have already paid when registering.

For a refund, please email the payment transfer receipt from the entry fee payment, and payment will be returned to your credit card. It will be a full refund, but there may be some small difference in the final amount, depending on exchange rates.

20th BCC Open Postponed

Dear Chess Friends,

Due to the evolving dynamics of the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and after much discussion, the 20th Bangkok Chess Club Open will be postponed. The safety and well-being of our club members, chess players and colleagues is of paramount importance. Many players will be travelling internationally, so we are also concerned that there may be disruption in flights and issues with quarantine. 

With this in mind, our plan is to reschedule the tournament for six month’s time, in October 2020, by which time we trust the pandemic will have ended.

For those players that have already paid, you have the option to transfer the registration fee to the rescheduled tournament or receive a full refund.

We will be contact every registered player by email, continue to provide updates as information becomes available, and ask for your understanding at this difficult time. 

And we are looking forward to seeing you in Thailand soon.

Kai Tuorila,
Bangkok Chess Club

Players From More Than 30 Countries Registered For 20th BCC Open

20th BCC Open

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BCC Challenger

Last updated Sept 3
15600197CMCilia VincentiDavidMLT1909
625011901WaghelaDhairya PankajIND1705
71477013OsterhusOmar TorbjornDEN1540
85230306CuizonRichily EvansPHI1511
135795672Muhamad RidzuanAriessa RihanaMAS1386
155217075CalacdayJames HenryPHI1375
185734967Muhamad RidzuanAriel RedzaMAS1274
215233240ArtiedaVic MichaelPHI0
2233378460Darshan MandrekarIND0
2316304497IngsAndrew StephenTPE0
2425604422Shivaraj N KatnurIND0
265266785VillarosaElizer IIIPHI0
275834740YapBo Yan GlennSGN0

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  • Tournament regulations: here
  • Registration: here
  • Entry fees: here

2020 BCC Championship

This is an individual tournament and FIDE (International Chess Federation) rules and regulations shall apply.


27.12.19 – 23.02.20 A- and B-Finals
Players will be divided to A and B finals. First priority is given for club’s regular players and after that according their ratings, with max. 10 players in each group. The winner of 2019 B-final will qualify directly to A-Final in 2020.

Time Control & Schedule

Each player is accorded with a time of 90 minutes plus 10 seconds per move. At least 1 round per week should be played in Arbiter controlled environment.

The opponents must be played according paring table rounds order (if that opponent is not available, another available opponent can be played). The players must agree time and place for the games with their opponents directly.

Two signed score sheets must be returned to the Organizer. For A-final Championship t/b games (rapid and blitz) will be played. For other positions t/b is as follows: 1. Game between the players, 2. Sonneborn-Berger.


Games can be played on:

  • Friday evenings at the 2nd floor of O’Shea Irish Pub
  • Big Rook Chess Academy on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Red Knight Chess School on Saturdays (10am), Sundays (2pm)

If players intend to play in other time/location, approval from the supervising Arbiter must be gotten beforehand.

Entrance Fee

The tournament fee for each player is Baht 500. Tournament fee can not be returned.


Winners of A and B finals will get free entry to 20th BCC Open in April. 2nd and 3rd place on both finals will get entry fee returned to them.


All results will be sent for FIDE rating calculations, if at least 4 Fide rated players/group will participate.Registrations: Registrations can be done during BCC club evenings.


Chief Arbiter is IA Panupand Vijjuprabha. Other arbiters will be nominated as necessary.

Group A final

1Paul Batchis1733XXX--0---0.5---
2Henry Calacday1806-XXX--0------
3Shin Jingjang1782--XXX----0---
4Peter Darby18851--XXX---0-0-
5Chawit Asavasaetakul1799-1--XXX----1-
6Kavin Nattavutthisit1895-----XXX---0-
7Jony Habla2098------XXX--1-
8Jeremy Nodon17360.5-11---XXX-1-
9Kai Tuorila1908--------XXX--
10Roger Hoffmann1957---10100-XXX-

Pairings table

1st Round1:102:93:84:75:6
2nd Round10:67:58:49:31:2
3rd Round2:103:14:95:86:7
4th Round10:78:69:51:42:3
5th Round3:104:25:16:97:8
6th Round10:89:71:62:53:4
7th Round4:105:36:27:18:9
8th Round10:91:82:73:64:5
9th Round5:106:47:38:29:1