Sheraton Hua Hin push the boat out 

Hoist the sail, matey!

Drinks, logo’s, adventures at sea and even a drone: the Sheraton Resort and Spa spared no expense in making this year’s photo shoot memorable.  The hotel management and even the provincial governor were there to witness a mock chess match at sea, contested in a traditional fishing vessel.  

A large Bangkok Chess Club Open logo was affixed to the boat’s mast amidst a strong breeze, which would have sent its passengers all the way to Pattaya had the wind direction turned east.  We are however pleased to report that the participating grandmasters were not waylaid by the elements, and reported well on time for today’s round.  

Food & beverage manager Mr. Jakub Mares indicated that, although his hotel tends to specialise in conventions and weddings, sporting events such as the Bangkok Chess Club Open bring additional visibility.  He then stated that the Sheraton would soon host an important boxing event and shared his hope for further cooperation with the Bangkok chess club. 

It is, therefore, this author’s firm belief that all stars are properly aligned for Hua Hin to become an international chessboxing hub in the near future.

The blitz finals last night were a feisty affair, with Timur Gareev edging out M. Panesh on tie-break to take first place.  Amidst pieces flying in all four corners of the board, the perennial question came back to mind: is chess sport, art or science?  It would, at this stage, appear that the modern chess player is something of a hybrid between a quantum physicist and a ratcatcher.  In blitz especially.

Meanwhile , the Open tournament is entering its sixth round, with games available here:  Information regarding the prize fund has been released, which means that the money time is right around the corner.

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