Redshirts’ rally

Demonstrators bring their whole families

Some people are asking about the demonstrations in Bangkok and if they will affect the tournament. The answer is no, other than perhaps some traffic problems. The demonstrators are avowedly peaceful and democratic, and the targets of the demonstrations are government buildings and army compounds.

They are not visiting the airports or having anything to do with visitors to Thailand.

6 thoughts to “Redshirts’ rally”

  1. It looks like the protest is getting bigger and they seem to be hitting shopping centers and hotels now.

    1. It is not getting bigger but true, they have switched to the business district, and it has affected some of the shopping centers in the Siam area. Fortunately this is nowhere near Victory Monument. Also, in terms of traffic, the best way to come to the tournament (if you are not staying at Century Park) is by the very efficient BTS Skytrain service.

  2. Hello Peter, maybe we can ask those red shirt to stop their protest and join first the chess tournament this is only once a year to happen, or you might suggest that they fight on the board…hahaaha (joke)

    1. That’s a good idea – maybe we can get Abhisit and Taksin to resolve their differences on the chess board. Wonder who would win!

  3. Thank you for the news update. Now I can tell my family the only battles will be over the chess boards.

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