Bangkok Chess Club Championship 2018

This is an individual tournament and FIDE (International Chess Federation) rules and regulations shall apply.

Program: 29.12.17 – 25.02.18 A- and B-Finals

  • Players will be divided to A and B finals according their ratings, with max. 10 players in each group. The winner of 2017 B-final will qualify directly to A-Final in 2018.
  • Time Control, Schedule, t/b: Each player is accorded with a time of 90 minutes plus 10 seconds per move. At least 1 round per week should be played in Arbiter controlled environment.
  • The opponents must be played according paring table rounds order (if that opponent is not available, another available opponent can be played). The players must agree time and place for the games with their opponents directly.
  • Two signed score sheets must be returned to the Organizer. For A-final Championship t/b games (rapid and blitz) will be played. For other positions t/b is as follows: 1. Game between the players, 2. Sonneborn-Berger.
  • Venue: Games can be played on Friday evenings at the 2nd floor of Herrity’s Irish Pub, Saturdays and Sundays at Big Rook Chess Academy. If players intend to play in other time/location, approval from the supervising Arbiter must be gotten beforehand.
  • Entrance Fee: The tournament fee for each player is Baht 500. Tournament fee can not be returned.
  • Prizes: Winners of A and B finals will get free entry to 17th BCC Open in April. 2nd and 3rd place on both finals will get entry fee returned to them.
  • Ratings: All results will be sent for FIDE rating calculations, if at least 4 Fide rated players/group will participate.
  • Registrations: Registrations can be done during BCC club evenings.
  • Organization: Chief Arbiter is IA Panupand Vijjuprabha, and other arbiters Kai Tuorila and Peter Darby. Other arbiters can be nominated later.

Championship Group A

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Championship Group B

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