Gainsfield Chess 2nd Year Anniversary Tournament

Pairings for Round 1

White Black
 6 and Under
1 James Henry Calacday Janet Junyakumar
2 Saravin Narula Jericho Calacday
3 Mikael Hasan K Deena Shehzad
4 Summer Jinna Boonmaivichit
 8 and Under
1 Inkawat Padjara D
2 Natdanai S Arman Soni
3 Nop Tritanon Trim Srivarahakul
4 Jessica Junyakumar Chino S
5 Kanav Kapoor Nopaparuj V
 10 and Under
1 Numpon Lekklai Manas Rao
2 Utkrusht Gupta Arthur Sandre
3 Ansh Shah Zaim Sandre
 18 and Under
1 Titee J Vinamra Hirawat
2 Manongna Rao Perapol C
3 Santosh S Utkarsh Gupta
4 Vishnupriya Sanat Daga
5 Sebastian De Paz Masahiro
6 Ken Therapat Sasha Patil
7 Bhon Bunnag Visant S
8 Zach M Sanana Vinta
9 Nimrad Thanapapas
10 Phatapol K Jirayu
11 Manyank (Bye)
1 Deniel Causo Poompong W
2 Eric Calacday Nathan Hall
3 Clark Mabeza Michael Culasing
4 Arnie Gavilan Riste M
5 Rhenell Peligros Pricha Srivatawanakul
6 William Campi Nadir Zohar
7 Kamel Mouel Ryan Calacday

Chess4Thai Annual Club Championship 2011

Chess4Thai Annual Club Championship
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Date: Saturday 13th, 2011; 07:00-16:00
Venue: Rachavipha Room, 2nd Floor, Chaophya Park Hotel, 247 Rachadapisek Road, Dindaeng, Bangkok 10400
(5 minutes from MRT Rachadapisek station)

After preparation and practice in several prior Grand Prix events, all players are now challenged to prove their skills. Chess players of all levels, ages and affiliations are invited to participate in this Chess4thai’s Main Annual Event to ensure high standard, number of participants and quality of games.

Preliminary Details (subject to changes as necessary)
This competition is divided into age categories: Under 10 / Under 12 / Under 14 / Under 18 / Over 18. Age calculation is as of 13.03.2011

Proof of Age: Copy of an official document showing the date of birth, e.g. student’s report book, passport, student ID card, FIDE application, health insurance card, etc. (please do not submit actual documents; Xerox copies will suffice)

07.00 – 07.45 Registration (Late registration will result in a 1st Round forfeit)
08.00 – 09.00 Round 1
09.00 – 10.15 Round 2
10.15 – 11.30 Round 3
11.30 – 12.30 Lunch (buffet; free for players)
12.30 – 13.45 Round 4
13.45 – 15.00 Round 5
15.00 – 16.15 Round 6
16.30 − 17:00 Closing ceremony

Entry fees: (walk-in) THB700 (child/adult)
(online OR advance) THB500/THB600 (child/adult)

Application: Application opens 06.02.2011 / in the Gainsfield School Tournament. Apply with EEE, Jirapak, Srapong (081-4844586), Panisa; and via e-mail.


  • Online or advance registration is to be considered completed only after all relevant documents have been received.
  • Due to the high rental rates of hotel facility, slightly high entry fees are unavoidable. We ask for your understanding on this matter.
  • Hot drinks & refreshments will be served during Round 4-6
  • In case of a late-start in the Adult category, competition time in Round 6 may be reduced to 25/10 Bronstein.
  • Due to the need to conclude the event on time, we request your cooperation to be punctual. Adherence to planned schedule will be enforced strictly.


3rd Day of 8th BCC FIDE Rated Chess Tournament

After the 3rd day and sixth exciting rounds of the 8th BCC FIDE Rated Chess Tournament, Thai junior chess player who went to Philippines to commpete and represent Thailand in CHESS Asian age group tournament was leading and needs only to draw his final round against 13 years Thai boy ( Suvich Tachaplalert; who is also performing very well) to win the championship trophy.  Poompong Witanadate who landed 2nd place of last year 7th BCC Rating Tournament had 5 points out of possible 6 points with 4 wins and 2 draws. He is still unbeaten and looks so strong going to the final round.

Suvich Tacaplalert with his age of 13 is showing a real and great talent in chess.  Among of the 8 participants in this round robin tournament, he was the only one who won over the two highest rated in this tournament. We still need to see on Friday if he can defeat the unbeaten player on this tournament.

The standings after 6th rounds

1. Poompong Witanadate    4 wins    2 draws 0 loses  with a total points of 5

2. Thotsaporn                           4 wins   1 draws  1 loses  with a total points of 4.5

3. Michael Culasing                 3 wins   1 draw    2 loses  with a total of 3.5

4. Suvich Tachaplalert           3 wins   1 draw    2 loses with a total of 3.5

5. Eric Calacday                        2 wins  1 draw     3 loses with a total of 2.5

6. Alex Klemm                           2 wins  0 draw   4 loses   with atotal of 2

7. Benoni Wabe                          2 wins  0 draw   4 loses with a total of 2

8. Pricha                                       1 win     0 draw    5 loses  with atotal of 1