Thailand Open Chess Championship 2010

Amazing_T_AV_logo_approvedUPDATE: Registration now open: click here.

Next year’s Thailand Open will be our 10th international tournament, with main sponsorship from The Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Thailand Chess Association.

The dates are confirmed as 14-20 April 2010 for the Open Tournament, over the Songkran holiday period. The Challenger Tournament will begin a day later on the 15th.

Our new format allows for better preparation: while the first 4 rounds will be played in two days, the next 5 rounds are just one per day, starting in the afternoon.

For more information click here. To register, click here. To download the latest list of registered participants click here.

24 thoughts to “Thailand Open Chess Championship 2010”

    1. Hi Khenkin,
      I am not part of tournament organization but..
      If “anybody” not already post email..there is one reason: registration not already opened.
      And maybe when it will, you will find emails like in following web page (tournament last year):
      Behind one of them is Kai Tuorila, but you can ask Peter Darby too.
      If you are “farang” chess player living outside Thailand, you must know FIDE website ( publish on web site all details about FIDE tournaments, and 10th BCC Bangkok chess tournament April 2010 will be one of them.
      If you are IM or GM…I know myself…same same in France, many IM,GMs want to know before all others conditions for tournament…but don’t hurry!
      If you are sponsor for the tournament, you can easily “Click” on “Contat Us” Button (yes, just above, read more carefuly this web page)…

  1. Hi Peter,

    Can you add following “taxi sharing” idea to your registration process ?
    Many players will come to Thailand and Bangkok by plane, landing to BKK (Suvvarnabhumi) or DMK (Don-Mueang) airport.
    As other farangs, they will have common task in these airports to find one good taxi (if they have not reserved hotel transfer).
    Hence: if you add only following fields in tournament registration list for each player (given by player when registering by email/Internet):
    – Arrival Date
    – Arrival Time
    – Airport (BKK/DMK)
    – Flight callsign
    – Seat Number in plane
    – Downtown destination (given by BTS/MRT station or road/soi like Suk – Soi xx)
    – Preferred Meeting first floor door
    – Departure Date
    – Departure time
    – Departure Airport
    then players can use your registated players list to meet (before BKK/DMK arrival in the plane) and share taxi fee to go to same downtown destination.
    Each player can also have an “BKK xx-th tournament Bangkok – sponsored by Amazing Thailand” pin to recognize each other…but maybe I dream too much 🙂
    What do you think about it ?

    1. Good idea, but hopefully by next April the new skytrain link to the airport should be operating, taking you into Makkesan (Asoke/Petchburi), so taxis should not be necessary. Otherwise I will try to make some kind of noticeboard for visitors to post – I suppose there will be many people arriving around the same time.

    2. I am waiting too about new airport link…but as you know better than me (because you stay in Bangkok and not me)..that opening has been delayed many times.
      Last opening date I read in one Internet forum is about May 2010.
      But OK, thanks if you give some help.

    3. I add one more own advertising for chess players who will register 🙂

      If you like Thailand (if you don’t know look at nice videos from amazing Thailand) and want to practice chess a little before tournament then go to before to Phuket (many daily flights from airports) and
      “SOUTHERN FRIEDRICE – Phuket Chess club” (or just here, at right of this web page, look in Partners/Sponsors)
      Good food, good rooms and good chess (try to win first blitz with Terje)!!

    1. Thanks, Juniel, that’s an excellent idea. I propose that you raise the sponsorship: 20,000 Euros would be good.

  2. Thanks Peter for information about this tournament…
    I hope, soon venue and schedule fixed (dates beginning and closing ceremony)….and then I buy flight tickets and send information about tournament to various places (,..). Can you put here on website big/beautiful picture jpg file about tournament I can print and put in next tournaments I will take part in France (Nice,…) ?

    1. About picture: maybe only the “background” picture (with names organizers/sponsor/venue)..because after I can translate english text to french and print it

  3. In Bangkok – we alternate each tournament in and out of the capital. Last year was Pattaya. We are still in negotiations with hotels, so it is not certain which venue.

    1. Hi, Peter!

      Sea-side would be great! Crowdy capital Bangkok is just not a good place for playing chess 🙁

      LP Andrej

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