BCC Open in 2021

UPDATE: As of January 2021, 14 days quarantine is still required for all visitors to Thailand. Therefore, regretfully, we cannot organise the tournament to take place in April. We are now aiming for October/November if the situation improves.

Dear chess friends,

Hope that you all are safe and sound, wherever you are. In Thailand the Covid-19 situation is very well in control, as we have had only one local transmission case during the last three months! But due to strict Government policies, we do not expect that quarantine-free travel to Thailand will be possible this year. 

So with our Anniversary 20th Bangkok Chess Club Open, we are now focusing for April 2021, with tentative dates 10-18 April. We will give full details and make a new announcement as soon as quarantine free travel is again possible when arriving to Thailand.

The final decision to hold the tournament on those days will be made on 15th January at the latest.

Take care and hope to see you soon in Thailand!

Kai Tuorila and Peter Darby, BCC