Chess4thai Youth Tournament

Thai under 18 youth in action
The under-18 and under-16 groups competed together

A very well organised tournament, featuring 67 Thai and international children aged 10-17, concluded successfully on Sunday. Grandmaster Gerhard Schebler was on hand to award the prizes.

The largest group was the under-12s (36 players), showing immense powers of concentration and generally good discipline. This bodes very well for chess in Thailand.

Although there were typically few girls competing, Worasuda Atthaworadej was outstanding in the under-12 group finishing second with an unbeaten 4.5/5.

GM Gerhard Schebler with the 4 group champions
17 year-old Ruja with her third-place certificate

In the under-18s, Thanadon Kulpruethanon produced some excellent chess, winning all his games. Also playing well was the 17 year old Thai girl, Ruja Pichayarom, finishing in third place with 3.5/5.

Congratulations to FM Jirapak, the tournament organiser, Thai-Nichi College for providing the venue, and Chess4thai for sponsorship.

3rd Day of 8th BCC FIDE Rated Chess Tournament

After the 3rd day and sixth exciting rounds of the 8th BCC FIDE Rated Chess Tournament, Thai junior chess player who went to Philippines to commpete and represent Thailand in CHESS Asian age group tournament was leading and needs only to draw his final round against 13 years Thai boy ( Suvich Tachaplalert; who is also performing very well) to win the championship trophy.  Poompong Witanadate who landed 2nd place of last year 7th BCC Rating Tournament had 5 points out of possible 6 points with 4 wins and 2 draws. He is still unbeaten and looks so strong going to the final round.

Suvich Tacaplalert with his age of 13 is showing a real and great talent in chess.  Among of the 8 participants in this round robin tournament, he was the only one who won over the two highest rated in this tournament. We still need to see on Friday if he can defeat the unbeaten player on this tournament.

The standings after 6th rounds

1. Poompong Witanadate    4 wins    2 draws 0 loses  with a total points of 5

2. Thotsaporn                           4 wins   1 draws  1 loses  with a total points of 4.5

3. Michael Culasing                 3 wins   1 draw    2 loses  with a total of 3.5

4. Suvich Tachaplalert           3 wins   1 draw    2 loses with a total of 3.5

5. Eric Calacday                        2 wins  1 draw     3 loses with a total of 2.5

6. Alex Klemm                           2 wins  0 draw   4 loses   with atotal of 2

7. Benoni Wabe                          2 wins  0 draw   4 loses with a total of 2

8. Pricha                                       1 win     0 draw    5 loses  with atotal of 1

8th BCC Rating Tournament

Dr. Obrom Sinpibarn of the OLA School plays a demonstration game with BCC President Kai Turila

The 8th BCC FIDE Rated Chess Tournament in cooperation with OLA International Academy started today at 9:00 am in OLA International Academy School.

It was opened by the BCC founder President Mr. Kai Tuorila. Players and guest was welcomed by the owner of the school DR. Obrom Sinpibarn. In his speech although he was new in chess and just introduced chess to him by the organizer of this tournament amazingly he knew where chess was started and how it was developed. He was applauded by the audience and chess players when he told that he is willing to help and promote chess here in Thailand. He even promised that he will talk to the head of ministry of education to include teaching chess in school. Henry Calacday the organizer of this tournament did the drawing of seeds and numbers of player. FIDE International Arbiter Mr. Panupand Vitchuprapa observed the players as they started the first round.

Surprises and upsets in the opening round was made by the 13 years old and unrated boy Suvich Tachaplalert against the highest FIDE rated player in this tournament MR. Thotsaporn Tanatipanonda (2047). This young boy continued his superb performance in the 2nd round to draw with Filipino bet Mr. Michael Culasing. After 2nd round and the long day for the players and organizer 2nd highest rated player Alex Klemm (2017)of Switzerland got a perfect 2 points against Pricha Srivatanakul of Thailand and Benoni Wabe of The Philippines. Poompong Wiwatanadate and Suvich Tachaplalert of Thailand are on the 2nd and 3rd place with 1 1/2 each.

8th BCC Rating Tournament

UPDATE: standings After Round 6
1. Wiwatanadate, Poompong THA 1972 5 (12.25)
2. Thanatipanonda, Thotsaporn THA 2047 4 (10.75)
3-4. Tachaplalert, Suvich THA 3.5 (10.25)
3-4. Culasing, Michael PHI 1860 3.5 (7.25)
5-6. Calacday, Eric PHI 1908 2.5 (8.00)
5-6. Wabe, Benoni PHI 2.5 (5.50)
7. Klemm, Alexander SUI 2017 2 (3.50)
8. Srivatanakul, Pricha THA 1797 1 (3.50)

Henry C. is organizing a single round robin FIDE rating tournament at the end of this month (July), with a time control of 90 minutes + 30 sec. increment. FIDE tournament rules will apply.

There will be 10 players:

  • 6 FIDE Rated Players 1800+
  • 2 unrated players
  • 2 students

3. Fee:  1000 Baht / 500 Baht for student

4. Prizes (estimates):

  • First prize: 2500 Baht + Trophy
  • Second Prize: Trophy
  • Third Prize: Trophy

5. Schedule: 24-27 and 30 July 2010

6. Venue:

  • OLA International 37/1 Paholyothin Road Bangkok Thailand (24-27th July)
  • Woodstock Restaurant (30th July)


  • Chief Arbiter: Panupand Vijjuprabha
  • Deputy Arbiter: Pornpong Petchrongrusamee
  • Tournament Director: Henry Calacday

Please contact Henry at for registration. Already registered are:

  1. Thotsaporn T. (THA) 2047
  2. Alex Klemm (SUI) 2017
  3. Poompong Wiwatanadate (THA) 1972
  4. Eric Calacday (PHI) 1908
  5. Kamel Maouel (ALG) 1886
  6. Michael Culasing (PHI) 1850
  7. Benoni Wabe (PHI)
  8. Suvich Tachaplalert (THA)

Download a bigger map here

Download the programme here