Is the World Cup really more important than chess?

The Bull’s Head seems to think so. They have cancelled our Tuesday night Chess Club for June 15th, because they seem to think that the place will be packed with a lot of noisy free-spending football fans. Does anyone really want to watch Brazil hammer the Korean DPR? Who cares any more? If England Cannot even beat the USA, then it’s hardly worth watching…

Anyone would think the Bull’s Head were trying to turn a profit!

So there it is: TUESDAY JUNE 15TH CANCELLED. We will keep you posted here about next Tuesday, or maybe find an alternative venue.

UPDATE: TUESDAY JUNE 29TH also CANCELLED for Japan’s big match.

2 thoughts to “Is the World Cup really more important than chess?”

    1. Yes, back to usual now. However if there is a BIG match during clashing with the chess club, it is worth double-checking. You coming?

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