Blitz at the 15th BCC Open

The 15th BCC Open Blitz Championship was hotly contested by over 100 players, with two players from each of 8 groups qualifying for the finals to be held tonight (Wednesday 15th April).

Those qualifying were: GM Darwin Laylo (PHI 2465), GM Bartosz Socko (POL 2623), GM Oliver Barbosa (PHI 2610), Isuru Alahakoon (SRI 2152), FM Ivan Gil Biag (PHI 2328), FM Michal Bartel (POL 2381), IM Oliver Dimakiling (PHI 2422), Ravi Teja S (IND 2368), Sander Severino (PHI 2355), Franz Robert Grafil (PHI 2156), Roy Prantik (IND 2308), Arnulfo Gavilan (PHI 2244), GM Wang Hao (CHN 2705), GM Kamil Dragun (POL 2537), Hemant Sharma (IND 2325), FM Deniel Causo (PHI 2401).

DOWNLOAD: PGN file of blitz games from the 6 live boards (79 games total) click here