The Dane extends his lead

Aung Kyaw Moe, one of the people who makes this tournament possible, concentrates on the game.

GM Sune Berg Hansen won yet again while second placed GM Nigel Short drew, so Hansen is a full point clear at 7.5/8. A final-round draw will be sufficient to secure top prize, but with a win Hansen may achieve the magical 2600 rating – let’s see if he goes for it.

5 players share 3rd place with 6/8: IM Sunil Mokal Prathamesh, GM Dzhumaev Marat, IM Lahiri Atanu, IM Ansell Simon and IM Ashwin Jayaram.

In the challenger group, leaders Joel Pacuribot will play Andrew Horton-Kitchlew in the final round.

Stephane Reinert, local player Issara Vitithum and WFM Swati Mahota are half a point behind with 5/6.

4 thoughts to “The Dane extends his lead”

  1. Peter you might have to wait another 10 years for the games…we only now get the results on and that took 10 years!
    it just needs 1 non playing volunteer to input games during rounds…perhaps an idea for next year? anyway glad the event ran smoothly and the reds and yellows and blues and greens did not cause trouble during the event!

    1. a conversation overheard recently in the centre of Bangkok between 2 rival groups of protestors….”who are you?”
      “We are the peoples front of Judiah!”
      “and who are you?”
      “We are the Judian peoples front!”

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